THANK YOU TO ALL who attended Our Annual Run For The Son Pasta Fundraiser .



Chapter President - Silvano Bertoni


Hello from the Godspeed Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association of Canada. CMA’s vision is: Changing the world, one heart at a time. 

Being a motorcycle based ministry, our evangelistic outreach is primary, but not exclusively to the motorcycling community. 

We are bonded by our faith and love in Jesus Christ. We enjoy fellowship within our riding ministry and the outreach opportunities it provides. We maintain a servant’s heart and a humble spirit to inspire others to the love of Jesus Christ. 

Our only fundraising event is called “Run for the Son”. CMA partners with ministries with world reaching potential. CMA has been able to extend the open arms of Christ to millions of people around the world. Bringing the message of hope and salvation to multitudes in 192 countries. 

We welcome all to join us for a ride, fellowship and fun. Please see the Godspeed Chapter event schedule for details. 

God bless and keep you safe during the riding season. 


Vice President - Don France

Don France learned of the complete relationship with a personal relationship with God the first Sunday of 2000.  Riding bike over 65  years. I believe Godspeed is one of the best chapter because we don’t just ride our bikes we get to share the gospel openly. 

More LeaderShip team


Road Captain - Al Rupke

Secretary Treasurer - Sylvie Beveridge

Secretary Treasurer - Sylvie Beveridge

AL has been riding for decades and can lead you on a scenic ride just about anywhere in North American and even Australia.


Secretary Treasurer - Sylvie Beveridge

Secretary Treasurer - Sylvie Beveridge

Secretary Treasurer - Sylvie Beveridge

Sylvie  has been a long standing member and has held this role with in the CMA Godspeed Chapter for a while now. Sylvie is very easy going and always there to lend a hand. She may  have her hands full with her husband Dan who is so a member, but they both love god and will do whatever he calls them to do. 


Saturdays during riding season, rain or shine. Meet @ Tim Hortons on Manning Rd & County Rd 42 @  8:15am.  Kick stands up @ 8:30am for our rides. 

Saturdays during none riding season meet @ resturant called John's Resturant located @ Walker Rd & County Rd 8 @ 9:00am for breakfast.

No upcoming events.


Want to know more about what Run For The Son is, check out this video. 

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Send us a message with any questions or suggestions on events, shows, and more. Whether you're new to the motorcycle scene, or a longtime rider, we look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Chapter President : Silvano

Windsor, Ontario, Canada